Greetings and welcome to the Canton of Ravenhyrst!

I am Sigeric Fjarska-bíldr, Seneschal of Ravenhyrst, and would like to thank you for pursing the Dream with me. As a teaching canton, we believe that sharing our skills with others is our top priority. As an artisan, I feel that this is important to increase the show and splendor of the Dream through handcrafted clothes, accessories, camping gear, armor, and displays of heraldry. As a combatant in both heavy and rapier fighting, I want to reawaken fighting arts within the canton, as there are lessons to be learned through the trials of combat as readily as through the trials of sewing.

As Seneschal, I believe that my responsibility begins and ends with ensuring the populace is welcome in our Canton with fun events to attend. If you are interested in helping to achieve this goal or have a grievance you wish to share with me, please feel free to contact me at any time through seneschal at ravenhyrst dot org, as I respond to e-mails typically within 12 hours.

Thanks for helping make the Dream a reality,

Lord Sigeric Fjarska-bíldr
Seneschal of Ravenhyrst